Your Students.
Their Future.

Rocket21 is a digital space designed to provide real-world opportunities and connections for middle and high school students. Whether you need a group space for your class to collaborate on a project, could use some input from a specific expert, or would like to explore challenges or competitions to inspire your students, Rocket21 can help.

Rocket21 connects classroom learning to the real world. 

Services for Educators

  • Customized support for Project-Based Learning
  • Pop-up experts to support your lessons
  • Personalized Group Spaces for you and your students
  • Custom challenges, contests and competitions to inspire your students
  • Classroom or school assemblies involving Rocket21 partners and PROs

Benefits for Students

  • Learn 21st century skills
  • Explore their futures in a safe and secure environment
  • Engage with real-world experts and organizations
  • Connect classroom learning with real-world opportunities
  • Earn rewards and compete for prizes and awards

Privacy & Safety

Rocket21 deploys state-of-the-art safety and privacy systems, including real-time filtering of all text-based conversations; as well as community moderation, content review and approval of photo and video content before the content displays. Rocket21 is certified COPPA compliant through the PRIVO Privacy Assurance Program.

Educator Access

You’re invited to tour Rocket21 at any time.

Access is simple – just login and explore.
Login at using these credentials: 
Screen Name: r21edu
Password: r21demo

We’d love to show you around or brainstorm with you about ways Rocket21 can support you and your students.   

Drop us a note at 


“White House Science Fair”

Member Tommy Whiteley with his dad (Andrew Whiteley), at The White House after representing Rocket21 in the 2014 White House Science Fair.

 "Reach for the Stars" Winner

Member Moranda Rasmussen (front) with (l to r) mom Lahna Rasmussen, Actor Peter Cullen - the voice behind Optimus Prime, and sisters Kyahna and Sophia at NASA Optimus Prime Awards, Kennedy Space Center.  

"Dream Green" Winners

Members (l to r) Tommy Whiteley, Piper Holland, Camille Schmidt and Kate Diaz with President Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner at the Captain Planet Foundation Eco-Gala and Awards.

"Wild in My Backyard" Winner

Member Trevor Currie with a boa constrictor at the Washington, D.C. premiere for Nat Geo Wild's "Untamed Americas.”

"Dream Green" Winners

Members (l to r) Camille Schmidt, Kate Diaz, Tommy Whiteley and Piper Holland with Eco-Warrior Sir Richard Branson at the Georgia Aquarium.

"Dream Big in the Wild" Winners

Members (l to r) Francis, Josh, and Abraham Kilgore, at Ted Turner's Montana Flying D Ranch, with Mike Phillips, Turner Endangered Species Fund Executive Director and Wildlife Biologist.

"Dream Big" for The President Winner

Member Michelle Li, at the U.S. Capitol after attending President Obama's second Inauguration.

Rocket21 Prizes are EPIC.

Many Rocket21 competitions have special options for classroom entries. Contact us for more info.

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