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The world needs imaginative scientists, inspired artists and driven humanitarians to forge new paths.  Rocket21 is at the intersection of people, companies and opportunities to help launch your future and turn your dreams into reality.

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Cool Things About Rocket21

Thinking Big Pays Off

 “Dream Green” Winners

Members (l to r) Tommy Whiteley, Piper Holland, Camille Schmidt and Kate Diaz with President Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner at the Captain Planet Foundation Eco-Gala and Awards.

“Dream Green” Winners

Members (l to r) Camille Schmidt, Kate Diaz, Tommy Whiteley and Piper Holland with Eco-Warrior Sir Richard Branson at the Georgia Aquarium.

“Dream Big in the Wild” Winners

Members (l to r) Francis, Josh, and Abraham Kilgor at Ted Turner's Montana Flying D Ranch, with Mike Phillips, Turner Endangered Species Fund Executive Director and Wildlife Biologist.

“Dream Big for The President” Winner

Member Michelle Li at the U.S. Capitol after attending President Obama's Inauguration.

Dream Big "What I Do" Winners”

Members (l to r) Karly Reinhold, Autumn Graves and Vanessa Sun, front-row at a private Rocket21 CIMORELLI Concert.

Dream Big "Reach for the Stars" Winner

Member Moranda Rasmussen with country artist Ansel Brown, on the iTunes cover of their original song "Flying," written for the NASA Optimus Prime Awards, Kennedy Space Center.

“Dream Big at The GRAMMYs” Winner

Member Charlotte Graham (3rd from left) at The GRAMMYs with (l to r) sister Lindsay and KARMINA members Kelly Adams and Kamille Rudisill.

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