Space to think big and live large.

The world needs you. Rocket21 is at the intersection of people, companies and opportunities to help shape your future.

Rocket21 is a launch pad to help turn your dreams into reality.

Big Opportunities

Rocket21 partners with cool companies and organizations to create competitions and challenges for you to share your skills, explore your interests, and make a difference.

Real-World Connections

Rocket21 PROs are true experts at the top of their games, ready to help you prepare for greatness.

They'll bring you along, behind-the-scenes and in-the-field, sharing information about what they're doing, how they do it, and how they found their way.They'll share their views of the world and offer opportunities to help you pursue your dreams.

Real Pay Offs

You’ll have fun, make great connections, and have access to exciting opportunities and events that help shape the future. Plus, you’ll have the chance to earn rewards, win prizes and receive prestigious awards.

The Catch

Rocket21 is for members only. But it’s free and easy to sign up and once you’re a member, you can immediately explore hundreds of interest groups, connect with real PROs, use our Rocket21 web apps and participate in our featured CONTESTS and CHALLENGES.

The Fine Print

Rocket21 is for middle and high school students through age 17. Membership is free for all youth. Members may remain in our community once they turn 18.